About College Cornerstone

We Inspire, Inform, and Connect ICT students/candidates

We Empower employers with the skills to grow their businesses

Our Goal
At College Cornerstone, we want to help bridge the gap between students/candidates and employers.
Everyone wants success. The College Cornerstone service can offer success in many different ways...
Student/Candidate Academic Success
College Cornerstone provides a forum.
  • Tap into the experiences, knowledge and skills of your fellow colleagues.
  • You are not alone. Meet and chat with student who go to your school.
  • Achieve greater success by helping one another on tests, assignments and projects!
Student/Candidate Career Success
Gain the competitive edge required to secure a job!
  • Post resume for thousands of employers to access.
  • Select the specific job titles to narrow the search.
  • Attain workplace experience through volunteering, internships placements and coop.
  • Learn soft skills and identify and remove barriers to job entry.
  • Enhance your job prospects by exploring certification that is relevant for your career development.
  • Get the right job for career development.
Employers Business Success
Modern day employers seek to add potential to their workforce in order to help their businesses grow and prosper.
  • Download the student/candidate’s resumes by job titles.
  • Easily find the most suitable candidate.
  • Build effective and reciprocal relationship with institutions.
  • Learn about the skills development of different institutions and programs.
  • Schedule an interview with the student/candidate
Workshops for Career Success
Enhance the soft-skills of ICT students/candidates getting a job and keeping it.
Learn key skills such as cultural awareness / accommodation, effective oral and written communication, team work, leadership and decision making.
Industry Certification for Professional Development

Recognized Certifications are often crucial for career growth Find a certification that can enhance your professional outlook.

Who are we?
College Cornerstone is made up of a small team of dedicated students/candidates with a love for academic excellence.
This talented team is headed by Mohamed Khan, an ICT professor and industry liaison. He has provided job opportunities to countless students.

As an ICT professor with over 25+ years, my job satisfaction comes not only from teaching, but playing a significant role in assisting thousands of students/candidates in obtaining internships, placements, coop and career jobs. I provide them with opportunities in an industry that demands work experience. These students/candidates get their feet in the door, and ultimately, into a successful career.

My passion to help students is now incorporated into Collegecornerstone.com. This site is unique in providing a set of integrated services – designed to assist students/candidates to be more effective in achieving academic success in their studies and career development.

Mohamed Khan

ICT Professor & Industry Liaison ICTC Bridge-to-Work Facilitator

College Cornerstone is NOT...
  • Competing with any of the existing services offered by various colleges.

    We are unique! We focus on creating more durable and lasting networks between students/candidates and employers.

  • Asking for payment.

    The service is free to use and enjoy forever!

  • Associated with any government body or academic institution

    Your information will not be stored and used for surveys and studies.
    Only employers will see your "posted" information.

Enhance College-Business Networks for Greater Student/Candidate Success

College Cornerstone’s Goal - To Enhance College-Business Networks for Greater Student/Candidate Success

The Team

Mohammed Ali Akbar

Director of Development

Yonas Tecle

WebSite Admin & Developer


Website Admin and Developer

Ahmad Deen Khan

U of T Associate Director

Lyza Pamulaklakin

Business Solutions Analyst Accounting Expert & CE Professor

Wenbin Cai

Business & ICT Engineer

Fahmi Eshaq

System Analyst & Data Architect Personal Website

Matthew Trentadue

Business & ICT Engineer

Eunju Yun

Graphics Designer Web Developer


Marketing Analyst