My husband and I on graduation had major challenges finding employment opportunities. Thanks to this unique website, we can now consider ourselves IT professionals with excellent jobs -- the service is free and the network within the industry made all the difference.

Rulani Chauke
Business Analyst

Donell Chauke
Technical Analyst

I was exploring every avenue to start my career in IT and then a breakthrough came with an Internship at Scotia Bank in which Collegecornerstone provided the vita link. I am now almost done with my internship. It was an excellent opportunity. I have explored and learned a lot and through this experience, I am confident of my future.

Anam Basharat
Quality Assurance Analyst
Scotiabank has enormous potential for ICT students and employers. Using the tested concept of Business Networking, it is truly unlocking that 80% of the hidden job market.Finding the right skill and experience is critical in the IT industry and Collegecornerstone helps solicit and provide critical information at your fingertips.

Christine Robson, MSIS, PMP
IT Director Durham Regional Police & Continuing Education Instructor has most certainly made it easier to find suitable candidates for our Scotiabank Work Program in partnership with Centennial College. Many of the candidates have subsequently moved into successful IT careers with Scotiabank.

Farrah Gulston
Senior Analyst at Scotiabank